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Dear friends, welcome to the Online University of the third Age of ITMO University!

Retirement age is a great time to get new knowledge and skills. The world's population is aging rapidly. This is a cause for celebration, as it partly reflects our success in the prevention and treatment of diseases, the fight against mortality and the promotion of women in providing birth control.

Between 2000 and 2050, the share of the world's population over the age of 60 will double from about 11% to 22%. It is expected that the absolute number of people aged 60 years and older will increase over the same period from 605 million to 2 billion people.

Active longevity (aging) means that people, as they age, remain responsible for their lives for as long as possible and, where possible, contribute to the economy and society.
We have prepared for you a unique system of high-quality and affordable distance learning, which will increase the level of your information culture and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of fields of knowledge, for which you may have simply not had enough time before.

Our portal contains author's courses (see the "Start learning" tab), which in structure, volume, content and methodology are full-fledged university courses in the field of culture, psychology, history, etc. All of them have a variety of multimedia accompaniment that will help you master them more easily and confidently.

We offer you online excursions to the places of St. Petersburg that we love ourselves, as well as up-to-date information about free events online and offline. In our cinema hall you can find links to films that we would like to watch with you (see the "Culture and Leisure" tab).

A number of our courses are quite "applied" in nature. They will help you improve your skills in the field of computer and financial literacy, working on the Internet, using the resources of "Electronic government" (Public Services online).

Studying at the University is available to everyone and completely free of charge!

University of the third age. 2012-2021. Developed with the support of the Center for E-Government Technologies of ITMO University (egov.itmo.ru)

Университет третьего возраста

Университет третьего возраста. 2012-2021. Разработано при поддержке Центра технологий электронного правительства ИДУ Университета ИТМО (egov.itmo.ru)